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Welcome to the Random 11+ Questions page.


Preparing for the 11+ can be daunting so let me help you. This page (and the linked Facebook group) will help you to identify specific areas that need to be worked on and help ensure that time is used effectively.

Scroll down to see the questions.







Which of these words is most unlike the others?


A. myriad
B. deficiency
C. plethora
D. profusion
E. abundance




What is 4 x 3 + 2 x 5 ?


A. 70
B. 22
C. 100
D. 120
E. 32




A journey in a taxi costs £6.25 plus 85p per mile(m). Which expression can be used to find the total cost of any journey?


A. 6.26 + 85m
B. 0.85m + 6.25
C. 0.85m + 625
D. 6.25m + 0.85
E. 8.5m + 6.25




A child thinks of a number. They multiply their number by 6 and then divides the answer by 2. They then add 15 and finally divides by 3. They get 19. What was the original number they were thinking of?


A. 24
B. 18
C. 16
D. 14
E. 12



They woke up, cold and melancholy, and stood shivering on the draughty platform while the baggage was taken out of the train. Then the engine, puffing and blowing, set to work again, and dragged the train away. The children watched the tail-lights of the guard's van disappear into the darkness.


This was the first train the children saw on that railway which was in time to become so very dear to them. They did not guess then how they would grow to love the railway, and how soon it would become the centre of their new life, nor what wonders and changes it would bring to them. They only shivered and sneezed and hoped the walk to the new house would not be long. 

Extract from 'The Railway Children' by E. Nesbit.

Which of these is definitely true according to the text?

A. The children had seen trains on this railway before.

B. It was early in the afternoon.

C. The children did not leave the platform straight away.

D. They had a long journey to the new house.

E. It was winter.



What is the lowest common multiple of 3, 5, 7 and 9?


A. 315
B. 285
C. 425
D. 235
E. 375




A pie chart is created to represent the 400 children who were asked about their favourite subject. What angle is needed to represent the 160 children who liked mathematics?


A. 148°
B. 144°
C. 152°
D. 138°
E. 156°




What is 12.4 ÷ 0.4?


A. 31
B. 32
C. 3.1
D. 3.2
E. 310




Which word best completes this sentence?

The driver returned to the __________ after he had completed all his deliveries.


A. complex
B. facility
C. depot
D. merchant
E. institution




Which of these is not a multiple of 7?


A. 392
B. 532
C. 609
D. 862
E. 938




Which word best completes this sentence?

The guest speaker received a huge round of applause following their __________ speech.


A. efficient
B. eloquent
C. amicable
D. economical
E. civil




78g of chocolate chips is needed to make three giant muffins. How many grams will you need to make 11?


A. 272g
B. 278g
C. 284g
D. 286g
E. 292g




A bicycle now costs only £91.80. It was originally in a promotion with 10% off everything. A voucher was then used which gave the buyer 25% off the promotional price. How much did the bicycle originally cost?


A. £142
B. £134
C. £130
D. £132
E. £136




What number comes halfway between 84 and 242?


A. 161
B. 163
C. 165
D. 171
E. 173




Which word best completes this sentence?


The ________ dog was not very good at guarding the house.


A. stoic
B. fluctuating
C. placid
D. manic
E. archaic




How many 10cm x 2cm x 2cm cuboid blocks would it take to create a 20cm x 20cm x 20cm cube?


A. 100
B. 200
C. 300
D. 400
E. 500




The average of 6 numbers is 29. One of the numbers is removed and the average becomes 31. Which number was removed?


A. 26
B. 31
C. 23
D. 29
E. 19




Which of these words is most unlike the others?


A. ambivalent
B. compassionate
C. altruistic
D. charitable
E. benevolent




How many millimetres in 3½km?


A. 350000000
B. 35000000
C. 3500000
D. 350000
E. 35000




A child has 10 green pencils, 17 yellow pencils, 9 red pencils and 14 blue pencils. If the child gives 10 blue pencils to a friend, what percentage of the child's pencils are now blue?


A. 8%
B. 12%
C. 10%
D. 4%
E. 6%




The island was home to a large number of __________ cats.


A. formal
B. federal
C. floral
D. feral
E. final




A pack of 6 cakes costs 65p.

You can buy cakes individually for 15p.
Packs of 8 cakes cost £1 and currently have 2 extra free.

What is the lowest price you can pay so that 19 guests at a party all receive a cake?


A. £2.45
B. £2.10
C. £1.85
D. £2.00
E. £2.05




A + A + A = B
B - C = C
D + A = B
E + E = C


If B is 12, what is E?


A. 3
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
E. 5




Which of these words is most unlikely to complete this sentence?


The man asked the judge for __________ .


A. leniency
B. forgiveness
C. testimony
D. sympathy
E. clemency




It normally takes 2 minutes for someone to walk around a running track and 1 minute to jog around it. If they walk 30% of the track and jog the rest of the way, how long should it take them?


A. 1 minute 26 seconds
B. 1 minute 10 seconds
C. 1 minute 18 seconds
D. 1 minute 28 seconds
E. 1 minute 8 seconds




A pentagon has five angles A, B, C, D and E.


A is twice the size of B. C is five times bigger than A. C is half the size of D. E is the same as A and C added together. How big is angle E?


A. 132°
B. 144°
C. 148°
D. 152°
E. 154°




What is the next number in this sequence?


2, 5, 10, 17, 26, .....


A. 35
B. 37
C. 36
D. 38
E. 41



Over went the boat, and he found himself struggling in the river.

O my, how cold the water was, and O, how very wet it felt. How it sang in his ears as he went down, down, down! How bright and welcome the sun looked as he rose to the surface coughing and spluttering! How black was his despair when he felt himself sinking again! Then a firm paw gripped him by the back of his neck. It was the Rat, and he was evidently laughing— the Mole could feel him laughing, right down his arm and through his paw, and so into his— the Mole's— neck.

Extract from 'The Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame

1. Why did the sun look 'bright and welcome' to Mole?

A. He couldn't see very well.

B. He was cold in the water.

C. It represented safety.

D. He liked warm weather.

E. It was particuarly sunny on that day.

2. How did Mole know that Rat was laughing?

A. He could hear him.

B. He could see him through the water.

C. Rat was nearly always laughing

D. Rat was shaking.

E. Mole had a feeling that he was laughing.



What comes next in this sequence?


MB LD JY GA ____



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